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     I relate my approach to art as similar to the essence of 20th century magic: as a means to thrill and entertain. Like a good magician, I do not constrain myself to one format or medium. Although magicians who do card tricks can be amazing, they are more fascinating if they mix in rings, scarves, coins, and other tricks. I strive to be well versed in materials and techniques to expand the possibilities of what I make.
     I create tactile representations of otherwise intangible thoughts and daydreams. I dream of nonsensical connections, and I find a logical rationale for their creation. I leave more questions than answers in my work to leave interpretation open to the audience. I have my own motivations and focus for my work, but they are not the point or meaning of what I create. My work does not require any particular background to be viewed, but the more experienced or knowledgeable the viewer, the more probable it is that they might pick up on subtleties. I tend to think of what I make as a video game with secret hidden rooms that only some will truly enjoy, but which are not necessary to play the game.
     The nautical theme in my work gives me freedom to roam, has a wealth of possibilities, and is a subject matter that a majority of people have in, one way or another, encountered or experienced. Waves, lighthouses, pirates, sailors, maps, boats, ships, treasures, and so much more lie within the nautical realm.
     Doug Henning once said, "The only thing a magician ever really does is to ask one question. What's real and what's illusion?"